Friday, April 18, 2008

it's been a long time!

I've been sooo busy the past year and a half, i haven't found time to post anything.

Anyway, I got myself a great boyfriend, Mark, and he's filthy rich too, he bought (yup, you read it right, BOUGHT) me a condo, a BMW, and he gives me an allowance, around two thousand dollars (US!) a month! I'm a kept woman, and I don't mind, my parents don't mind, my brothers don't mind, and I don't give a shit if people think I'm a whore.

I'm really a slut, though, and I because I love sex so much, being an exotic dancer/prostitute is the best job for me!

That's actually how my boyfriend and I got together. We hooked up about a year ago, at the club where I work and it was lust at first sight!

He'd been looking for a sex slave, and slut that I am, agreed to his proposition. He went "Hey baby, I'll give you whatever you want, just become my fuck toy!" So I did, and I've been in heaven ever since.

He's a fucking pervert, and I enjoy the things that he does to me. The night we hooked up, he was a customer at the club. He got the most expensive VIP room, and he told my boss Patrick to give him the hottest slut in the club. So, Patrick gave me to him.

As soon as we were alone, he asked me "Hey baby, are you as hot as you look?"

And yeah, did I look hot! I was wearing a patent-leather harness, with my boobs and shaved pussy exposed,and thigh high patent-leather whore-heeled boots.

I answered, "As hot as you'll ever find, baby!"

And with that, I took his cock out and wolfed it down. I ended up getting fucked every which way, and I absolutely loved the way he did it, really rough, like all he cared about was getting his rocks off. It blew my mind!

I ended up getting fucked in the ass, and when he was about to come, he told me to kneel in front of him 'cause he wanted to come on my face. Obedient slut that I am, I kneeled in front of his beautiful 10-inch cock. He shot his load onto my face, it was a huge one! I dunno, maybe one-fourth cup's worth of come!

Anyway, when he was done, he told me not to wipe his come off and to go with him outside to the main room. All eyes were on me, considering the large amount of come covering my face. He paraded me around the main room and I absolutely loved it! Humiliating as it was, I felt my pussy juice up even more.

He led me to the stage and made me sit on the floor. He sat beside me then asked one of the waiters to give him a spoon. When he got the spoon, he started scooping his come and started feeding it to me. The crowd went really wild and began encouraging him to give me more, so he did. When I ate all his come, we got off the stage and went back to the VIP room.

As soon as the door had closed, Mark had his dick out and I was getting fucked again. Before long, Mark decided to take me out, and we went to his house in the suburbs of Manila. I spent the weekend with him, and a few days later, I moved into my new condo.

I just love being a slut!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

i just love my work!

last night was great!
i arrived at the club at around a quarter to eleven. my set was supposed to start at eleven so i actually had a few minutes to get ready, not that i needed to.
i was already wearing my show outfit underneath my dress, although it wasn't really much of a dress to begin with. black, mesh and really short, it really didn't hide much of anything. through it you could see my underwear: a cupless bra, a garter belt and fishnet stockings, and crotchless panties. oh, and whore heels.
a minute to eleven, i was already onstage, starting my routine. the black-eyed peas came on the sound system and i started dancing.
my dress came off as soon as the second song came on. i made the usual rounds among the customers, let some of them cop a few feels, danced on some of the customers' laps, that sort of thing.
by the time the third song started playing, my pussy was dripping wet. i didn't want to dance anymore, i needed to come really bad, so i just sat on the stage with my back resting on the pole, spread my legs and started fingering my pussy. the crowd went absolutely wild, catcalls and whistles drowning out kylie minogue on the speakers.
one of the customers handed me a longneck bottle of beer and told me to use it on myself, so i did, to his and the rest of the customers' delight. moaning loudly, i worked the bottle in and out of my love tunnel until i came violently, screaming how good it felt.
oh yeah.
i left the stage shortly and went backstage. the owner was there to greet me. he always has a big smile on his face after i do my set.
he told me a group of guys wanted me to join them in one of the vip rooms, so i followed him as he led the way. when we got in, he introduced me to the guys. there were six of them, all good looking and all black. the sight of them turned my legs to jelly.
patrick, the owner, knew i had a thing for black guys. when he left he stopped by my side, whispered into my ear "have fun!", looked at me and gave me a knowing smile and a wink.
before the door had shut, hands were groping me every which way, fingers exploring every nook and cranny of my body and tongues tasting me all over.
pretty soon, my hands were stroking their dicks and soon after that, they started sticking their dicks into my holes. the guys started fucking me three at a time, one choking my throat, one pounding my cunt and one banging away at my asshole. after all of them came on my face, they took pictures of me to show to their friends back home in the united states.
closing time came and they still hadn't gotten tired of fucking me, and i hadn't gotten tired of getting fucked yet. they invited me to spend the rest of the night with them at their hotel, so i did.
i definitely had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

off to work...

i'm about to go to work. i work part-time as an exotic dancer (stripper) at one of the clubs here.

i got into dancing to satisfy my exhibitionistic desires. and the pay is quite good too!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

j blo

people think i'm kidding when i tell them my name is jennifer lopez. it is, really. it's not my fault i have the same name as a popular singer and actress. i think she's kinda hot.
i don't look like her though. my dad is spanish, my mom chinese.

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